A Wedding Themed Week (or two)

This Summer, Royal Wedding fever happened. For my 8 year old daughter it was the first Royal Wedding she remembers, being a bit too young for the previous one. Girlguiding issued a Meghan & Harry badge which we bought and created activities around. This would work for two meetings if you don’t want to be too rushed.

Firstly, we did some cards for Meghan and Harry. We split the girls into sixes, then into groups of three. They were given a piece of blank card folded and left to it. I loved what we sent – they were posted to the royals, though as of yet we’ve had no reply (I’m checking the post every day just in case).

Cards for Meghan and Harry

Secondly, I bought some baubles from Crafty Crocodiles – they worked out quite cheap too – possibly as they’re now discontinued. This is similar to what we used.

I bought a selection of sweets and each six came and filled their bauble with as many sweets as possible.

It’d be nice to just give the girls their baubles back full of sweets, but that’s not what this activity was about – these are party favours. So in the background us leaders wrote labels for each girl, and made sure that each girl knew to make her best one, as another Brownie would be getting it. A bit of switching here and there meant nobody got the one they made, and only a handful of girls complained they didn’t have many sweets in theirs…

Party Favour baubles

It was really nice handing them out at the end of the meeting, and I think the girls liked it too. Even the ones that complained. Only about umm… twenty out of thirty opened theirs in the meeting (despite being asked not to)!

Another activity we did was toilet roll wedding dresses in each six. The previous day I headed to Poundland for their 9 rolls of toilet paper and bought one for each six. That was way too many, I’d recommend getting one lot of nine per two sixes – we donated everything that was left to the nursery we share a room with.

toilet roll brownie brides

The only rule was that the girls who were getting the wedding dresses had to be a new Brownie, so they were involved. I think they liked it! I thought it was also a good way of making sure that all the girls spoke to each other because often the new girls find it difficult to fit in, especially when they’re not in a six with their friends. If they’re the centre of attention then that’s a good thing.

We did think about decorating plates but didn’t get organised soon enough, so maybe we’ll work on that one for another time…

Meghan and Harry Girlguiding badge

Twist Me and Turn Me and Make a new Pond…

It’s Enrollment week next week at Brownies, and our pond is looking a bit old… and a bit like a tin foil cooking tray (because it is). At the end of last week’s meeting I mentioned this to Tawny Owl, who agreed we should get a new one.

So inspired by some of the Brownie Facebook Groups I did some research… and our new pond is in the process of being made! Even better, it doesn’t cost much other than time.

I wanted to keep it simple. To try and use any old elements of the last pond (there are some leaves we could reuse, for example, Tawny Owl suggested) but make it look and feel like a pond.

Ebay was my first success – some mirror board which is nice and bendy, so no chance of broken mirrors in our cupboard (which is likely as our cupboard needs a good tidy). An A4 piece of acrylic mirror which is 3mm thick, and cost £3.73 with free shipping. Looking good!

A lunchtime trip to Tiger Stores and OH MY GOSH! They have some Grass Table Runners for sale at £3 each. I bought two. This is perfect!! (they wrecked my scissors though, so if you get some use a knife)

Tiger Grass Table Runner

Then I just needed some letters to add to the mirror. Poundland had some nice sparkly ones – I think I’ll only be doing the ‘I looked in the water and there saw….” part so bought enough to do that – cost £1.

Then it was just getting some MDF to put this lovely new pond on. Fortunately there is a yard over the road from my work so I headed there and got an offcut of 60cm x 60cm. I asked how much, but they donated it for free! So very kind of them and much appreciated – so far the total cost for this pond is £7.

Then all I had to do was work out where the mirror would go. As it hasn’t arrived the grass hasn’t been completely glued down yet. I had some Tiger Stores Hyldepapir with leaves on, so thought it would make a good background for now, and if the mirror wasn’t big enough (it should be!).

Brownie Pond, Tiger Stores Grass Table Runner

The biggest issue was finding a glue strong enough. The Tiger Stores grass is tough to cut and even tougher to stick. This isn’t glue gun territory, it’s proper heavy duty glue territory. Fortunately we had some in the cupboard at home. I taped down the grass underneath with some Duck Tape (as it’s nice and strong) and we glued the top in place, not too close to the edges. For added strength Shaun placed all our heavy books on top (mainly old Brownie and Guide annuals from the 1970s and 1980s). So now we have to wait…

Oh, and I need to tidy up those ends too… the grass was messy while cutting it but seems to be sticking together and not falling off now. I’ll post another update when we’ve finished the job – there’s still some way to go!

Brownie Painting Book

Brownie Painting Book 1970's WAGGGS Print

Back when I was a Brownie I was obsessed with a set of six books. They were something that grabbed my attention but also made me realise I was part of a much bigger thing around the world.

Brownie Painting Book 1970's WAGGGS Print

York had a Guiding shop and they sold for 15-25p each. The very wonderful Brownie Painting Book.

I’ve since managed to pick up two and the memories came flooding back.

The Brownie Painting Book, 1970s WAGGGS Spain

The Brownie Painting Book is still pretty useful these days. While the uniforms have changed a lot, the names of the Brownies are still the same (as far as I could see).

The Brownie Painting Book, 1970s WAGGGS India

I picked up books 3 and 6, and may have a book 1 on the way as well. The books were printed in 1970 by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Check these pictures though!

I want to work on the World Traveller Badge from September and want to use as much information from these books when we take our ‘flight’ around the world. I’m trying to think of a game which uses all the different Brownie names, but haven’t quite found the right thing yet… bear with me!

This picture is taken from the Brownie Guide Handbook from when I was a Brownie.

The Brownie Guide Handbook - Some Brownies of Other Lands