A Quickly Thought Out Meeting

Tonight our meeting plan wasn’t quite ready. It’s my first week back as I was too jetlagged after visiting Australia. But I’m ready!

We’re doing the craft badge this term. I have a few bits planned, although I need to think how they’ll work with the badge syllabus.

Firstly, we’ll be making the shrinky dink necklaces – because it’s quick and easy. I’ll bring them home to bake and take them back in next week. We should be doing the First Aid badge next week, but finishing off the necklaces should be quick and easy – possibly one to start when the girls first come in.

Secondly, our Tawny Owl collected some rocks and pebbles from their seaside break in the school holidays. The girls can decorate each pebble which we’ll keep for Promise Ceremony time, when each rock will be placed around the pond. So they need to put their name on it and then do whatever they want. When they leave Brownies they get to take their stone with them.

Finally, an activity I spotted on the Girlguiding Brownie Leader Support Group. Each girl draws a picture of themselves, and the piece of paper is passed around everyone, where you have to write one nice word that makes you think of that person. Could be interesting… I think us leaders will need to join in too!

Let’s see how that goes….

The New Pond

It was enrollment week this week, and the new pond was finished in time. It also fits in our big cupboard which is a relief.

The total cost came in at around £10 and it is built to last a long time. The back is securely fastened with duck tape, and the mirror is lovely and shiny, with the letters showing nice and clearly. We had flowers and leaves scattered around the pond, and I’m quite liking another Brownie tradition I’ve heard of which I’ll come to in a bit.

So here’s the pond! Minus the leaves unfortunately as we had to get into the ceremony so I didn’t get a picture this term.

Brownie pond, Enrollment ceremony at Brownies

I love this tradition and want to start it next term. Each Brownie is given a pebble to put their name on and decorate. When it is promise time, the new Brownie puts their pebble by the pond alongside all the others. When they leave they take their pebble with them, so it’s something which lives with them throughout their three years at Brownies.

We have 30 Brownies and a (hopefully) big enough pond.

Looks like I’m going to have to have a trip to the seaside (such a shame 😉 ).