A Women’s Football Activity

I’m basing this one on the SSE Wildcats session my daughter went to today – it was a fun game and left open to anyone to win. It’s football related so you’d need to know a little bit – but seeing as England Ladies are about to travel to The Netherlands to play in the UEFA Women’s European Cup, it’s topical too.

Find images of each squad player – this is a good image to start with and these are the players and their positions.

Goalkeepers – Karen Bardsley (Manchester City), Siobhan Chamberlain (Liverpool), Carly Telford (Chelsea)

Defenders: Laura Bassett (no club at present), Lucy Bronze (Manchester City), Alex Greenwood (Liverpool), Steph Houghton (Manchester City), Jo Potter (Arsenal), Alex Scott (Arsenal), Demi Stokes (Manchester City), Casey Stoney (Liverpool)

Midfielders: Millie Bright (Chelsea), Isobel Christiansen (Manchester City), Jade Moore (Notts County), Jordan Nobbs (Arsenal), Jill Scott (Manchester City), Fara Williams (Arsenal)

Forwards: Karen Carney (Chelsea), Toni Duggan (Manchester City), Fran Kirby (Chelsea), Nikita Parris (Manchester City), Jodie Taylor (Arsenal), Ellen White (Birmingham City)

Separate the girls into sixes. If you have small cones, you could laminate the picture with the players names on the back. The girls have to find each player when you call their name out. If you can, why not get them to dribble a small football to get there?

If you fancy bonus points you could ask them to work out which position they play in too or to guess which club they play for.

It’s a good way to get the girls familiar with names which should be more familiar these days anyway!

A Thinking Day Game

This is stolen from the Girlguiding Brownie Leader Support Group on Facebook, and is played in a similar way to Mr Greenstrings Shopping bag (which I’ve never heard of, so I think when we play it, it will be like Fruit Salad).

The characters are:
Robert Baden Powell
Olave Soames
Agnes Baden Powell
Girl Guides

The Game…
The 22nd February is the Joint Birthday of Robert Baden Powell and Olave Soames. With the help of Agnes Baden Powell these are the people who created Scouts and Girl Guides. This day is also known as Thinking Day.

Robert Baden Powell set up Scouts in 1908. They were just for boys and based around things he learned in the army. The Scouts grew and grew; Robert Baden Powell organised a camp for the Scouts at Brownsea Island. The Scouts who attended had a great time.

Robert Baden Powell then organised a rally in 1909 for the Scouts at Crystal Palace in London, but all did not go well. A bunch of girls turned up wanting to be Girl Scouts.

Robert Baden Powell liked the idea of the girls having a group similar to the Scouts so he asked his sister Agnes Baden Powell to help in setting up a group for the girls.

Agnes Baden Powell worked hard with Robert Baden Powell to create this group, and the decided to call them Girl Guides.

The Girl Guides took part in activities like the Scouts, and Robert Baden Powell and Agnes Baden Powell ensured that both the Scouts and Girl Guides had lots of fun.

In 1921 Robert Baden Powell met a lady called Olave Soames and in time Robert Baden Powell and Olave Soames got married. Agnes Baden Powell was very happy for them.

Agnes Baden Powell asked Olave Soames to help her with the Girl Guides. Olave Soames really enjoyed doing this, and in 1914 both Olave Soames and Agnes Baden Powell with the support of Robert Baden Powell set up a group similar to Scouts and Girl Guides for their younger sisters. This group was originally called the Rosebuds, but they did not like this name and Olive Soames and Agnes Baden Powell renamed them Brownies.

The 22nd of February, which is the join birthday of Robert Baden Powell and Olave Soames is known as World Thinking Day. It is on this day when Scouts and Girl Guides from all around the world join together to celebrate the Scouts and Girl Guides Organisations and remember their founders, Robert Baden Powell, Agnes Baden Powell and Olave Soames.

(I would recommend making the Scouts group ones that need a good run around!!)

The Sock Game

Super easy, this one. Handy if you’re doing an activity and have some girls who finish quickly, and others take their time.

Fill a sock with around 12 items.

Tie the end with a rubber band to keep it secure.

The girls get this sock and have to identify what’s inside by touch alone.

Example things to put in there – pencil, pasta, lego, coin, rubber – anything goes really!