Post-Christmas Activity

A nice easy one to start a new term. We (still) have 32 girls, so I got 16 of our Christmas Cards and labelled them A and B on the back (in different colours).

The cards will be laid face down, with each girl choosing one.

They then have to find the other half of the card within the unit and pair up with whoever has it.

Let’s see how that goes….

The Brownie General Election

Our plans to finish the First Aid badge this week fell through so we cobbled together very quickly a Brownie General Election.

After explaining to the sixes what they have to do, we left them to plan with bits of help here and there.

Obviously, it being a Brownie General Election we also joined in as leaders. Each team had to come up with a name, some things which we would want to vote for them with and finally sum themselves up in a two minute presentation.

The girls spent about 40 minutes working on the things they wanted – the start and choosing a name was an exercise in democracy itself – with them voting for whichever one they liked the best.

Then they listed up to six things they wanted to change, and six things that they would stop.

Needless to say, school, holidays, chocolate and getting rid of Donald Trump came up across all sixes. The interesting part was the presentations. Each group had two minutes to do something. Some girls just read from their sheets while others did a proper bit of acting. The ones who put together a little play as part of theirs ended up winning.

I found it interesting watching the girls work as teams. Some of the new girls sat back a bit so we went from table to table making sure they were involved and making sure the more dominant girls in each group included everyone.

After all the presentations we made notes and summarised, and each six was allowed to vote for one of the Brownie Parties – but not themselves!

It didn’t take a long time to set up, was pretty noisy but good to see them working together. A good one to get in before our real-life General Election next month, anyway – plus it took up the whole meeting!


General Election 2017 spreadsheet

For the record, team owl would extend the school day from 7am to 7pm, no laughter, sweets are banned, definitely no cartwheels, One Direction no longer allowed but our choice in music is, also no laughter and definitely no playing. Needless to say when we all read it out the Brownies were shouting in disbelief 🙂

More Preparation for the Craft Badge

The first part of the Craft Badge has been done now and went really well – the shrinky dinks look fabulous! Because we had to do the baking at home I made a little YouTube video.

Another part of the badge involves fabric paints. Although I’m having second thoughts as they’re not easy to deal with. I’ve spotted Ikea do some fabric felt tips so giving the girls a choice will hopefully mean it will still be fun.

A recent discovery is Crafty Crocodiles. They give Girlguiding a discount too which was good. I really liked their fabric craft items that you can decorate, so ordered extra fabric paints and items to give them a try and see how well H got on with them.

I ordered their Cotton Mini Shoulder bag which works out at 65p per bag – a reasonable price! I try to aim for around 75p per girl, and have to order 30 of everything even though most weeks we average around 25 girls attending.

I also ordered a pencil case (just the one) for me to try out – and to give to Brownies as we don’t have a pencil case to keep things, so just borrow from the Six tubs – I never remember which one!

H needed a nice drawstring bag to keep her Brownie things in, especially all the bits she picked up in Australia so we got one of these bags too, again to test out the various paints and make sure we do it right on the night. These were slightly pricier, but easier to paint on (and trace the World Guiding badge through too – you can see it faintly still in the bag).

Crafty Crocodiles fabric design, fabric drawstring bag, pencil case, crafty crocodiles crafts

This is the result of my decorating. It was quite fun, though you need to be quick to fix a mistake. (another reason why I think that pens might be better for some of the girls)

I took my time with the old Brownie badge, pencilled it in and then carefully used the yellow paint – it was a fairly quick job. In fact, the only downside of this is that the paint takes a while to dry. Definitely one to start a meeting with so there’s enough time to let it dry, anyway. I think after an hour it’s take-home-able, before then it’s be-really-careful-able!

It’s also quite messy. I managed to get paint on my pyjamas so put out a note to make sure parents keep old clothes so the girls don’t spoil their uniform… or maybe it’ll just be me!

You need to make sure you put some paper in the bag to catch any paint that bleeds through the fabric – it will happen, and you’ll be glad you did.

H made a mess of the word ‘Girlguiding’ so we decided to make a blue circle and then paint over it in yellow, which looks quite cool. She likes it too… so top tip, plan your words in pencil before you start to write. Try telling a seven year old not to rush too much… it’s impossible. They think they know best….


Mothers Day or Valentines Heart

We did this today at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens and I think it’ll be a fun craft to adopt. Really easy too – all you need is some Rustic Wire, some wool, beads, ribbons and cut out shapes.

Woven love heart selection

We bent a section of Rustic Wire into a heart shape. It’s a bit sturdier than a pipecleaner but looks more like a bendy twig.

After that, tie some wool to one side and weave it from side to side. Different colours look good too. We found that looping it around each edge helps hold it tighter too.

We then got a section of wool and threaded some beads onto it. These were fastened to the top of the heart once the wool threading was done.

After that we threaded some card stars to a piece of wool and did a loose knot on each one. This was tied to the bottom of the heart.

As a nice little Mother’s Day treat, H was given a tag to write a message on. I haven’t seen this bit yet, but she loved making it and writing the message.

It was a really simple craft to do – you don’t need a lot and it looks really pretty. There are so many different ways of doing this too – this is just a basic heart. I want to do this next year for Mother’s Day at Brownies anyway. It shouldn’t be too challenging for anyone.

Woven Love Hearts

Tissue Paper Candles

I have to admit, I have wondered how this would work. I’ve read a lot of units on Facebook did this as a Mother’s Day craft which sounds great, and is so much more personal too.

This is one we’ll be trying in future – I have some pillar candles at home so I might give this a go at home beforehand – after all, if it’s just tissue paper, a hairdryer and a candle… well, it does sound fairly easy doesn’t it?

Here’s a link.

Newspaper Fashion Show

This has not yet been done but is another easy one and good for keeping costs down.

Ask the girls to bring in a newspaper to the meeting that week and each six has a set amount of time to get the newspaper and create a fashion outfit on one girl in their six.

All they can use to create it is the newspaper plus some sellotape. Could be interesting….

Easy Indoor Campfire

We’re working on the World Guiding Badge this term and after spotting this on Facebook I thought it was an excellent idea.

We’ve asked parents to save all plastic bottles. Bring them to the meeting clean, and we’re going to stack them up with glowsticks inside (I got 40 from Poundland for £2).

Turn out the lights when you’re ready and voila! A campfire. Just make sure you have some songs ready (I blanked out when it came to thinking of one)

indoor campfire with glowsticks