I was a Brownie and Guide back in the seventies. My daughter was born in 2009 and I put her on the waiting list for Rainbows as soon as I could.

I spent two years there as a parent helper, and when she moved to Brownies made the move with her. I am now doing my Leadership Training and hope to become a leader at some point in the future.

I want to encourage our girls to become independent thinkers and work as a team – and have as much fun at Brownies as I had. I was (apparently) the first Brownie in York to get the Brownie Friendship badge, and I want all the girls in our group to want to try badges on their own and find things they’re interested in.

This blog is a space for ideas I’ve picked up from all over. Some we’ll try, some we might never get the time to try – but they’re all here.

I work five days a week, and do Brownies as a volunteer. All views are mine and are not affiliated to Girlguiding in any way.

Jo Brownie

p.s. I still have the dress…