Lockdown Future Plans…

First top tip, (we used Zoom) take a register and note the parent name against the Brownie. We had a few phone names who joined our meeting, next time I’m keeping track a bit better.

Second top tip, make sure girls who might want to tell you everything ever know that they need to be quiet when someone else is talking – maybe set aside a short chat time at the start so they get everything out of the way before activities start!

Third top tip. Take this time to learn the new theme names, Snowy Owl… (oh how I wish the names were on the activity cards)

Girlguiding has a page where they’re adding links – one that we started doing but need more ideas was a scavenger hunt at home, but working through the alphabet. Good call – means that the Brownies have to do the thinking and get creative!

A lot of the Unit Meeting Activities are difficult to try and switch to an online activity, The ones that seem to work are the ones where the girls have to listen and call out a response. These are ones that might work…

(Orange) Un-fantastic plastic. This involves talking about plastic and why it is bad – putting things into categories. Rethink – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. We have already done this one a couple of terms ago, so this will be a last resort one (and an excuse for the new Brownies to catch up too). At the end you work out a plastic pledge and talk about your answers. It sounds like an activity that you could get a part of done.

(Orange) One Good Turn Leads to Another. This is about small acts of kindness. During lockdown a lot of people are drawing rainbows and other things in windows so children can do trails around their area and spot as many as they can. This UMA suggests making chains, but I interpret it to be spreading a positive message around, which these posters definitely do.

(Orange) Local Munch. This is another we’ve done, though adapted it over a few weeks and asked the girls to spot where their food comes from. We wanted to try and get the girls thinking about it over time. It’s a longer UMA but plotting things on a map was quite fun over time – and could be even easier online (I’m working on that one…)

(Dark Pink) Clowning Around. This is about making someone laugh using just your face. Perfect for video meetings. It’s about making everyone smile – this could work well.

(Light pink) – Find that Tool. This could work if all leaders hold up pictures of the tools and the girls have to guess each one.

(Purple) – My Invisible Bubble. It’s about personal space – something I think we can all identify with at the moment. It would need some adapting though – still working on that one.

(Green) Fox, Frog, Flea. Like rock, paper, scissors – it might work.

(Blue) – Lend a Hand – it’s all about our old motto, and doing good turns. This could be one you explain and then come back to a week later. The leader would still show an object and have the girls think of good turns they could do with that object, having the girls think of other good turns means they could let everyone know things they’ve done.

(Blue) – Trefoil Trivia. You can do the quiz element of this, I would substitute the colour and trefoil bit by emailing a trefoil picture and getting the girls to colour it in.

(Blue) Brownie Pocket Challenges. I had this one prepped and ready for this term which was unfortunately cut short. This might work by showing the objects and getting the girls to say verbally what they think each thing was for. To avoid the girls who will always put their hand up and offer an answer, make sure the quieter ones get a turn too – you can have several answers for each object.

(Blue) Celebrate Good Times. It’s my birthday in late April, and it’s a significant birthday too. Obviously there’ll be little or no celebrations so this is about planning a fun Brownie celebration, working as a team and creating something spectacular. You need three tables, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Decorations. Get planning!

That’s the UMA’s I could find that might work, anyway. Next time I’ll work through the Skills Builders….

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