Lockdown #1

We planned a meeting via Zoom prior to Girlguiding’s recommendations for what to do, and fortunately had everything covered. I have Safe Space 1, 2 and 3, and we had two leaders present (plus a mum who is also a leader for another unit who stayed on).

My main concern was that the girls might chat over each other and nothing would get done. Most of them were just excited to see each other and say hello which meant we did get quite a lot done.

Activities done :

Catch a Story – this worked by the girl telling the story nominating the next Brownie to tell it – it also got some of the more shy girls speaking out.

Need vs Want– this worked well, the girls had to listen to me suggesting things – and I saw every girl getting involved and shouting out what they thought. I’m going to repeat it again next week and make the washing line part of the card at home.

Positive Pebbles – adapted slightly, we talked about what we were scared of. We then talked about conquering fears – and how we get through certain things. This is one the girls can think about, we asked for posters and positive things from the girls. One to report back on…

We started the chat with a scavenger hunt, the only rule was you can’t take something off another person that might upset them. That was quite fun, I need a longer list…

We finished the meeting with Brownie Bells.

There were a lot of happy faces, I think it worked quite well. The girls all wanted to listen, and we got a lot done in 30 minutes.

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