The New Programme

We’ve been getting our heads around the new programme this last year. Yep, it is almost a year since I last updated here.

I feel like the creative things we used to do are gone now, and there’s more of an un-guided curriculum in place to help us get certain targets. That’s fine, and something we’re all getting our heads around.

So for several meetings we haven’t really done things differently to what they say on the cards. We’re starting to learn what works for us, and what doesn’t. We’re combining badges and clauses as much as possible where they complement each other.

We’re doing dry and wet term plans in the hope we can get outdoors (so far, no good).

We’re getting constant requests to play Fox, Frog, Flea and have turned some Skills Builders into actual games the girls all enjoy playing.

It seems to be working. We have a few Theme awards awarded, a Gold awarded (taking the short route) and a few Skills Builders. I’ve got leaders guilt at not awarding as many badges so am finding things where we need to buy badges (then watching us have ten less girls turn up that week and wishing I hadn’t bought as many).

But we’re getting there. I’m still here.

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