It Has Been a While

since I last updated here. We’ve been so busy with Brownies this term, so over the summer I’m going to type up a few of our meeting plans which seemed to work quite well.

This will cover things like Vote 100 activities, Royal Wedding activities, making cards for Queen Elizabeth, the Equaliteas activity and the Girlguiding Future Girl activity. We also had a football week which went well, timed with the start of the World Cup.

This term has felt like one where the girls have expressed their opinions and realised their voices do matter. They’ve also got worse at listening at times, preferring to continue their conversations while their hands are raised but hey ho….

I’d like to think they’ve learned a bit about what it was like to gain the vote 100 years ago, and the things girls can do or want to do. We’re not teachers, but we can all learn something together.

So yes, those were our themes, for September we’re doing a Brownies & Guides Got Talent evening so we’ll be spending time working on that. I’ve also spotted a new challenge badge, The Greatest Showgirl which fits perfectly with it too, as well as the Entertainer badge.

Hopefully once we get the new resources for the programme change there will be parts we can incorporate into our meetings – not long now! Although we won’t get ours from Division until early September. I’m hoping there’ll be more information online to keep us going.

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