A Wedding Themed Week (or two)

This Summer, Royal Wedding fever happened. For my 8 year old daughter it was the first Royal Wedding she remembers, being a bit too young for the previous one. Girlguiding issued a Meghan & Harry badge which we bought and created activities around. This would work for two meetings if you don’t want to be too rushed.

Firstly, we did some cards for Meghan and Harry. We split the girls into sixes, then into groups of three. They were given a piece of blank card folded and left to it. I loved what we sent – they were posted to the royals, though as of yet we’ve had no reply (I’m checking the post every day just in case).

Cards for Meghan and Harry

Secondly, I bought some baubles from Crafty Crocodiles – they worked out quite cheap too – possibly as they’re now discontinued. This is similar to what we used.

I bought a selection of sweets and each six came and filled their bauble with as many sweets as possible.

It’d be nice to just give the girls their baubles back full of sweets, but that’s not what this activity was about – these are party favours. So in the background us leaders wrote labels for each girl, and made sure that each girl knew to make her best one, as another Brownie would be getting it. A bit of switching here and there meant nobody got the one they made, and only a handful of girls complained they didn’t have many sweets in theirs…

Party Favour baubles

It was really nice handing them out at the end of the meeting, and I think the girls liked it too. Even the ones that complained. Only about umm… twenty out of thirty opened theirs in the meeting (despite being asked not to)!

Another activity we did was toilet roll wedding dresses in each six. The previous day I headed to Poundland for their 9 rolls of toilet paper and bought one for each six. That was way too many, I’d recommend getting one lot of nine per two sixes – we donated everything that was left to the nursery we share a room with.

toilet roll brownie brides

The only rule was that the girls who were getting the wedding dresses had to be a new Brownie, so they were involved. I think they liked it! I thought it was also a good way of making sure that all the girls spoke to each other because often the new girls find it difficult to fit in, especially when they’re not in a six with their friends. If they’re the centre of attention then that’s a good thing.

We did think about decorating plates but didn’t get organised soon enough, so maybe we’ll work on that one for another time…

Meghan and Harry Girlguiding badge

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