More Preparation for the Craft Badge

The first part of the Craft Badge has been done now and went really well – the shrinky dinks look fabulous! Because we had to do the baking at home I made a little YouTube video.

Another part of the badge involves fabric paints. Although I’m having second thoughts as they’re not easy to deal with. I’ve spotted Ikea do some fabric felt tips so giving the girls a choice will hopefully mean it will still be fun.

A recent discovery is Crafty Crocodiles. They give Girlguiding a discount too which was good. I really liked their fabric craft items that you can decorate, so ordered extra fabric paints and items to give them a try and see how well H got on with them.

I ordered their Cotton Mini Shoulder bag which works out at 65p per bag – a reasonable price! I try to aim for around 75p per girl, and have to order 30 of everything even though most weeks we average around 25 girls attending.

I also ordered a pencil case (just the one) for me to try out – and to give to Brownies as we don’t have a pencil case to keep things, so just borrow from the Six tubs – I never remember which one!

H needed a nice drawstring bag to keep her Brownie things in, especially all the bits she picked up in Australia so we got one of these bags too, again to test out the various paints and make sure we do it right on the night. These were slightly pricier, but easier to paint on (and trace the World Guiding badge through too – you can see it faintly still in the bag).

Crafty Crocodiles fabric design, fabric drawstring bag, pencil case, crafty crocodiles crafts

This is the result of my decorating. It was quite fun, though you need to be quick to fix a mistake. (another reason why I think that pens might be better for some of the girls)

I took my time with the old Brownie badge, pencilled it in and then carefully used the yellow paint – it was a fairly quick job. In fact, the only downside of this is that the paint takes a while to dry. Definitely one to start a meeting with so there’s enough time to let it dry, anyway. I think after an hour it’s take-home-able, before then it’s be-really-careful-able!

It’s also quite messy. I managed to get paint on my pyjamas so put out a note to make sure parents keep old clothes so the girls don’t spoil their uniform… or maybe it’ll just be me!

You need to make sure you put some paper in the bag to catch any paint that bleeds through the fabric – it will happen, and you’ll be glad you did.

H made a mess of the word ‘Girlguiding’ so we decided to make a blue circle and then paint over it in yellow, which looks quite cool. She likes it too… so top tip, plan your words in pencil before you start to write. Try telling a seven year old not to rush too much… it’s impossible. They think they know best….


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