Thinking Day 2017

The theme for 2017 was Grow. So we decided to grow our friendships with other Brownies around the world.

I am signed up with several forums and a lot of people were asking for people to swap postcards and cards with. Our meeting fell after Thinking Day but that’s okay as the cards arrived in a three week period from around the world.

I asked friends who had children a similar age to my daughter whether they knew of any Guiding organisations near them, and while we had no luck with Australia, our friends in the United States took part!

We swapped cards with two Troops in the US, and are continuing this with the World Guiding Badge, sending them a reply.

We also coloured in some paper dolls with uniforms from around the world which the girls enjoyed. They’re now on our message board with the cards we have received. I have another 10 cards to add to it this week, and the girls have all really enjoyed reading out the cards in the meetings.

It was a fun way to start to learn about other Brownie-aged girls in other countries, wasn’t too costly (other than postcards and postage) and kept the girls busy!

World Thinking Day 2017 Grow


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